Safe Passage to Your Financial Future

Annandale Capital helps high net worth families and institutions protect and grow their wealth.

Our Investment Philosophy

Good investment decisions are guided by strong foundational underpinnings and a process that ensures discipline. It is imperative to choose stewards who can articulate and consistently execute upon these beliefs.   

As fiduciaries who invest capital alongside our clients, we pursue differentiated public and private investments.

Our Team

Annandale Capital leverages the varied backgrounds of its employees to provide a high level of service to our clients. Our team approach to investing and serving our clients is marked by the integrity, reliability, humility, thoughtfulness and transparency that is characteristic of each individual member. With an average employee tenure of over a decade (all of whom own equity in the firm), Annandale’s clients benefit from the consistency and cohesiveness that comes with an experienced team of shareholders that are passionate about investing. 

Our Latest Commentary

Q2 2019 – Annandale Capital Quarterly Commentary

Step back in time one year when markets were at all-time highs and interest rates were marching upward. Would you have foreseen 10-year Treasury yields falling back to 2.0%? Would you have imagined the Federal Reserve contemplating a rate cut? How about markets implying the probability of that cut is 100%? We assume the answer to each of these questions is a resounding no.

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