Our Story

Annandale Capital is dedicated to serving high net worth families and institutions through protecting and growing their money, with the highest level of service and expertise.

Many families today find themselves in a conundrum. They don’t have enough money to warrant the expense, complexity, and headache of starting their own family investment office, yet they deserve a more objective and sophisticated offering than traditional banks or mass-affluent wealth managers provide.

Annandale Capital serves families and institutions in this situation, offering customized portfolios in public markets as well as private investment opportunities that are differentiated and difficult-to-access, which we believe provides our clients with a better chance of achieving their investment goals. By intentionally limiting the number of clients we work with, Annandale is able to provide an exceptionally high level of service for our clients.  Furthermore, our principals invest significant capital alongside clients, to align our interests, to sit on the same side of the investment decision-making table, and to reduce conflicts of interest to the maximum extent.

We designed our firm to optimally invest our own capital, to align interests, and to provide exemplary service.